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Make it faster for the web and happier for your target group. We offer you the finest performance and stability you`ve ever wanted. Whatever the issue is, we'll get it resolved in minutes. In seconds, deploy your WordPress starting at $19.95/m



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Plans & Pricing

Choose from three different ranges of WordPress hosting


01 Website
10 GB NVMe
100 GB Data Transfer
14 Locations


01 Website
100 GB NVMe
2500 GB Data Transfer
10 Locations


01 Website
25 GB NVMe
500 GB Data Transfer
39 Locations
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Experience the maximum boost for your website

Our web hosting is specially optimized for WordPress.
Thanks to guaranteed resources and special website caching, we can take your website to the next level.

A customised before/after comparative test was carried out.


Discover all the capacities included at no extra fetched!
We offer advanced features for managing your websites
With exceptional assistance available seven days a week and record response times

Technical details

Host of Fabulousness




Central Administration

In one place, manage all your sites
Access based on role for collaborators
All important settings & features
Cronjobs & wp-cron.php
Creating and managing customer accounts
White-labeling and branding

Plugins, Themes & Core

Overview & Dashboard
One Click Installer
Auto updates & individual configuration
Security monitoring (open updates, security gaps)
WordPress users management

High-performance and scalability

Asset & Image optimizer
Cloudflare Integration
Integrated Akamai CDN
Object (Redis) cache
Opcode caching
Optimized webserver
Increased resources on-demand

security features

Backup manager
Restrict admin login page by IP
Security measures & security monitoring
SSL certificate's management
Two-factor authentication

developer tools

Database administration (PHPMyAdmin)
Logs & debugging
PHP administration & monitoring
Staging, Sync & Cloning

Why choose us?

With innovative caching technology, Litespeed web servers, high security standards and first-class customer support, we offer you the best WordPress web hosting you'll ever had.
There is no problem with complex settings
We will configure all the optimal settings to make it unnecessary to worry about PHP versions, updates and everything else that needs to be done. You won't have to struggle with complicated settings any more!
WordPress experts are providing your support
We're fully committed to hosting your WordPress site. Your WordPress website or hosting is in trouble? We use and develop a lot of WordPress ourselves. As a result, we'll be able to help you with your WordPress website for a fee.
Modern servers are running your site
We're deliberately sourcing from proven and global cloud providers. In order to improve the platform, we seek out the best and latest providers in a variety of fields. As a result, your web pages will be relatively fast in most cases.
Your website and related technology are kept up to date
At several providers you must manually update the WordPress and all of its components. And it may be unsafe to visit a website that is not kept up to date. For you, we'll keep it updated. And we keep track of much more, like the uptime (whether your website is always online) and the administrator logins to your website.
Your site's front page will run as fast as it can
In order to optimise your website for maximum performance, a number of methods will be used, including CDN, cache, asset minification and image resize. You'll have to do that yourself and find out how it works at the majority of hosting providers.
Advanced features at no extra cost
You`ll get advanced features at no extra cost. Think of LSCache, Opcode, Redis caching, which makes your website run faster. In a clone or staging environment, testing updates and new website designs is risk-free.

Built on top of the Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging enterprise-grade public cloud infrastructure to deliver the optimal speed and performance of your website to both clients and visitors. Choose the best location for your users from 14 low-latency datacenters.
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Order WordPress hosting right away.

We wish to offer you the highest calibre of service attainable.
We excel at it, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you really a wordpress specialist hosting?

It's our managed cloud, created by an expert team combining more than a decade of hands on experience in website development and administration for enterprise level WordPress websites. To solve some of the key challenges that they faced, these people have combined their skills and experience to make sure our customers don't face them. In addition, the underlying technology of our WordPress managed hosting is tailored to the WordPress platform and is constantly improving.

Can you transfer the websites I already have from my old web host?

All wordpress hosting clients are eligible for a free migration from their previous provider. Simply supply us with your old hosting provider's login information, and we'll do the rest. We're well-known for making this process appear simple.

Do you offer CDN and do I need one?

Yes. We're Akamai's partners and recommend Akamai's CDN. If your visitors have a large geographical distribution and their average distance from the origin server is more than 100ms on a fiber network, you need a content delivery network. In addition, for those that need it, we offer a simpler integration with Cloudflare.

Are WordPress functions restricted? Is there an administrator's access to me?

We do not restrict you in any way, our hosting offers are super flexible and we use the normal WordPress version for pre-installation. It's your blog, which means only you get full administrator access to the CMS. We'll make a request if we need it.